Replacing the windows in your house seems like it should be a simple thing, and not that expensive. However, it is one of those jobs were unexpected expenses have a way of appearing. Many home improvement projects are considered rather enjoyable, whether the homeowner is doing the work themselves or hiring it done.

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Most people who have had window replacement done in their homes say they would just as soon not have to go through the experience again.

Windows seem like a pretty simple thing. After all, they are simply big holes in the wall that are filled with glass, right? The hole in the wall is necessary, of course, to allow light, warmth, and sometimes fresh air to pass into the room.

It turns out that glass is a lousy thing to fill that hole with. The glass with do most of the things we want it too; obviously light passes through it, and we can get it to allow or block the passage of warmth, depending on the situation. Glass can be difficult to seal around, mostly because it is as fragile as, well, glass!

Of course a window is more than just glass in a window. The glass elements are held and supported by the frame, and the moving parts of the frame are also what allows the window to open and close.

Home Window Replacement Cost and Frame Type

The type of frame chosen for your replacement windows is one of the primary factors that determine the cost. Even in standard sizes, vinyl and wooden frames are more expensive than aluminum. Aluminum lends itself more easily to custom sizes, although some find it less attractive.

There are certain applications which simply demand wooden or nylon frames, such as arched windows. Of course, these factors will also effect the cost of the window.

It is important to remember that there is a difference between replacement windows and replacing windows. There may be cases where the original builder used a custom window, but an off-the-shelf replacement is more appropriate. A standard installation is not only cheaper, but simpler as well.

Some homeowners feel they can save some money by doing the window replacement themselves. This may be true in some cases; modern windows, especially standard sized windows, are designed for simple installation, which should not be beyond the capabilities of an accomplished handy-person. It is critical that the job be done absolutely correctly, however, because a sloppy installation can lead to serious complications down the line.

A certain amount of shimming will be a part of any window installation, and it is figured into the design of the window. If the shims are not installed properly, it could lead to the window not operating properly down the line.

Window Seals

Even more critical is to ensure that the new window is properly sealed. If there are any gaps around the window, air and moisture may be allowed to pass in. Air means a failure of insulation, but moisture can lead to permanent, irreversible, and expensive damage.

Professional window installation has suffered from a reputation problem over the last few years. Because of potentially high profit margins, some contractors have begun using substandard materials. If you do hire someone to install your windows, it is a good idea to look for a glazier who has built a solid reputation.

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