Consider The Benefits Of New Windows For Your Home

The decision to replace the windows in your home is not a small one. Just like any other home improvement project, there are a number of good reasons to take on the project as well as good reasons to “leave well enough alone”.

when should you replace windowsWindows not only allow us to see out, but they are a source of natural lighting and ventilation. Natural light cheaper and perhaps healthier than artificial florescent light. However, the ultraviolet rays of sunlight can be damaging to furnishings and flooring, not to mention the potential to raise interior temperatures during the summer air-conditioning months (a benefit during winter).The obvious reason to replace an window is due to breakage, but there are also other signs that a window upgrade should be on your home improvement agenda. From a pure energy efficiency stand point, the most best homes would have incredibly thick walls and no windows at all to allow for the loss of heating and cooling energy (entry would probably also be through a hatch in the floor). Most people would find such an existence uncomfortably claustrophobic, and choose to live in homes that have windows so that they can see the world outside.

The capacity for natural ventilation would seem contrary to the need for insulation, but there are many times that the outside environment is close to how we want the inside of our homes to feel. Natural ventilation also has a benefit when the kids burn their first batch of chocolate chip cookies.

The appearance of your home is also a factor when considering window replacement. Some of the options chosen by builders have not aged gracefully, so replacing unattractive window frames with newer, attractive windows can instantly boost the curb appeal of your home.

Look for modern windows with double or triple pane construction. Some window manufacturers will list an “R Factor” for their product, and the Energy Star certification will indicate a quality product. “Low E”, or low emissivity glass coatings will reduce the damaging transmission of UV rays, protecting your furnishing. Low E glass also reflects heat to its source, keeping it outside in the summertime and in the house during the winter.

Efficiently opening windows allow ventilation so that you can take advantage of cooler evening temperatures, relieving some strain on your air-conditioning. Burnt food odors are not the only unpleasant things you will want to ventilate. Paint, new carpets, and other building materials from home improvement can “off gas” toxic substances for a long time. An open window can help to exchange good air for bad, but the window needs to seal effectively when closed.

Replacing windows is not a difficult project, but must be done correctly to protect the structure of the home. An improperly installed window may lose its insulative potential, as well as allowing moisture and rot to enter the structure. Window replacementis a reasonable project for an experienced handy person, however the help of a professional service like Associated Glasswill handle the job quickly and with a minimum of fuss and mess.