Summer time in Seattle, Everett, Lynnwood, or anywhere else in the Puget Sound can be beautiful. As the trees blossom and the sun shines delightfully for a few days, it’s a great time to realize you have a skylight that needs replacement. Not only do skylights shower your home with natural light, on the clear days of summer, they can give you comfortable views of the rare blue sky.

During the summer months, though, it can be difficult to know if you need a skylight replaced at all – the change in weather makes noticing the warning signs that much harder. Here are some things you should pay attention to if you suspect your skylight is in need of service.

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The Indoor Warning Signs

Strange condensation, either on or around the skylight, could be evidence that it isn’t properly sealed. There doesn’t have to be a flowing leak for this to be a problem. If moisture is getting in and settling, your skylight may be compromising the integrity of the roof or walls around it.

To be sure if it’s a problem with the skylight and not something else, try to make note of when the condensation forms and how long it lasts. Depending on the location and the layout of your home, things like showering and cooking meals may flood the area with vapor. If there’s condensation on the inside of the glass and no obvious source of water vapor, you may be in need of service.


Skylight drafts can be difficult to detect, mostly because vertical movement of air is harder for us to notice than horizontal. This is made more complicated during the summer – as most Seattle residents don’t own air conditioners, the placement of fans can complicate airflow. If you think you may have a problem with a skylight, you’ll have to suffer through a testing period without any fans or air control activated.

Thankfully, during the summer time drafts can often be pretty easily remedied. Unless there’s a serious breach in the window seal, the entire piece may not need to be replaced. If we’re able to treat the sealant properly during the summer, we can prevent it from wearing through completely during the winter. A little preventative service will help you avoid headaches in the dead of winter.

If You’ve Looked Yourself

In the event you’ve already noticed a leak but have been unable to pin it down, we can help. It’s fairly common for skylights to shift out of their previously secured installation positions. This means that the window installation will look perfect – and it usually is.

The problem lies in the insulation and the building paper beneath. If water is leaking into the edge of the building paper, it may be exiting at the opposite corner of the skylight, making it appear that the window is what’s leaking. If there’s a leak and you haven’t tried to locate it yourself, we will find it and fix it.

If you have any questions or concerns about skylights or skylight service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The summer months are just around the corner, and Seattle residents are preparing for the few beautiful sunny days to come. It’s an excellent time to be out of doors – it’s also an excellent time to be sure that your indoor areas are secured against the elements.