As we move through spring, we’re seeing a boom in homeowners hoping to get on board the home improvement bandwagon before summer. It’s a wise choice. The warmer weather of spring provides a more consistent and less expensive opportunity to replace residential glass.

However, we’re also seeing a lot of people scrambling to get their projects moving, many of them working to piece together what exactly needs to be done, and how they’re going to make the time or budget space to do it. The pace of life is sometimes too rapid for adequate planning for extraneous projects. We have some tips on how to plan for residential glass service before it becomes an emergency.

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Symptoms Inside the Home

Every home has the occasional draft. If you’ve been noticing more than normal that your home simply doesn’t retain a comfortable temperature, you might start thinking about replacing or resealing your windows. Home heating and cooling is one of the most significant expenses of modern living – particularly in the Seattle area.

On the opposite hand, if there is condensation appearing inside your double or triple paned windows, it could be a sign that your windows are letting in, then trapping, moisture. Identifying these signs early can help you avoid extensive damage later. If the windows are letting air and moisture seep in, you could be facing water damage by next winter.

Watch the Weather

The greater Seattle area doesn’t have a lot of sunny days, but they do happen. Often they happen in strings – a bundle of beautiful days bookended by gloomy skies and rain. If you have a project or an installation in mind, trying to catch the right weather to do it can be difficult.

Planning for the weather isn’t an exact science, but the consideration will pay off in the end. This is particularly true if you have skylights that are broken or leaking. Work can be done during the winter months, but considerations for the safety of workers and the ongoing protection of your home both escalate in proportion to degradations in weather.

Emergency Replacements

Sometimes, you simply can’t plan for what happens to your windows. Accidents happen – and they happen more frequently during the summer. The rise in outdoor activities and the increased free time of school children can put glass installations at risk. Fortunately, these things can be resolved with relative ease.

Replacing a single broken window is a quick and simple process when compared to replacing all of the windows in a home – those sorts of projects require more planning and greater focus. For the occasional emergency, we are at your disposal. Give us a call and we’ll discuss the type of window you have, acquire a new window, and rush over to install it.

If you have any questions about the residential glass services we offer, or you have any concerns about a current or future project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re offering free on-site estimates for residential and commercial customers alike. Schedule an appointment today, and have your beautiful new windows installed by the dawn of summer.