A glass shower door can be a wonderful thing

The purpose of the shower door is incredibly simple. It is to keep the wet inside the tub or shower enclosure. If the wet gets out, you end up with a slippery and wet mess. Cleaning the mess can be as simple as wiping it up with a towel or a mop, but until you do there is a slipping hazard. If your bathroom is carpeted, a wet floor holds its own set of problems.

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So it is best to keep the wet inside the shower. A plastic shower curtain can do the job, but they get dirty and nasty pretty quick. They are not expensive to replace, but then you have to deal with all those stupid rings, not to mention the raw plastic smell that hangs around for several days.

A glass shower door is the answer. Shower doors come in two basic types; hinged and sliding. Sliders are great because they don’t need the room to swing open that a hinged shower door does. A hinged door makes more sense for a shower stall with an opening that isn’t big enough for a sliding door.

How happy you are with your glass shower door really depends on two factors

The first is how well the door is installed, and the second is how well it is taken care of. The manufacturers of shower doors make them as simple to install as they can, but the door glass makes them heavy and their size can be awkward to work with. In some cases there needs to be some customization in order to get the best installation.

For these reasons we recommend the services of professional glass installers. After the installer has left, it is up to the homeowner to keep the shower door functioning. It is mostly a matter of simple maintenance to keep the door in working order, but the small mechanical parts of the door live in a wet environment. The rollers of a sliding door can become jammed, and the hinges of a swinging door can slip out of alignment.

If the hardware on your shower door is actually broken, you have the option of making a trip to the local home improvement store and hoping for the best. Again, the manufactures have done a good job of making hardware as simple and painless as possible. There is still nothing wrong with calling in your professional glass installer.

Even if they were not the original installer, they will have the expertise to repair or replace the hardware on your shower door. Best of all, you will be assured that the repairs are professionally done. This means you will have years of reliable service from your shower doors.

If you are in need of repair services, or if you are considering upgrading your shower doors for decorating purposes, we hope you will keep us in mind for all of your residential or automotive glass needs in the Seattle Area.