Top 10 Songs with Glass in the Title

Today we look at a list of ten awesome songs with glass in the title from the last couple of decades. These are songs about love, heartbreak, the human condition and, yes, lifting a glass when you’re celebrating life at a party. Check out this top 10 songs with glass in the title.

Naturally occurring glass was first used back in the Stone Age – the first glass we held in our primitive hands was obsidian – black volcanic glass. The shiny substance must have amazed from its first glimmer. The first glass made by humans was thought to be in Mesopotamia or Ancient Egypt around 3,000 BC. Glass-making flourished during the Roman Empire and by the 10th century, it was being leaded and stained to adorn cathedrals across Europe.

 When glass catches the light, it can be blinding. When it’s wet, it glimmers. When it’s broken, it can be dangerous. Glass inspires architects, artisans and even musicians. 

Songs with Glass in the Title

 #10 Bitter Glass – From the British alternative band Feeder, Bitter Glass is a poignant song with melodramatic undertones that’s about pulling yourself out of a dark place. It’s got a nice acoustic sound and is well worth a listen.

 #9 We Are Glass – This is another UK tune from musician Gary Numan. He peaked in the early 80s, but is still relevant today as a pioneer of early electronic music. This song is from his last studio album in this genre. It’s pretty rad.

 #8 Life in a Glasshouse – Glass is big with UK artists as this tune from Radiohead shows. This song was featured in the band’s 1999 documentary, but wasn’t released until years later. This song was a hit with critics and fans alike.

 #7 Set Down Your Glass – Scottish/Irish alternative rockers Snow Patrol released this hauntingly lovely song on their 2008 album A Hundred Million Suns. This nice ditty is about living in the now and love so profound you lose yourself.

 #6 Glass of Water – Coldplay never officially released this as a single from Viva La Vida, but it still managed to top some charts and although it’s fairly heavy, became a fan favorite and part of the album tour’s set list. It’s lovely.

 #5 Glass – You can’t do a song list without throwing some twang into the mix, so we’ve included this Thompson Square number by the husband/wife country duo. This is a really great song about living and loving despite imperfections.

 #4 Raise Your Glass  – This is just a fun party song by Pink that you can’t help but tap your feet to – it’s an ode to partying with your peeps and relishing being the freak that you are. It’s the counterweight to the serious songs on this list.

 #3 Glass – Natasha Khan aka Bat for Lashes sings this beautiful Renaissance sounding tune that was used to promote Assassin’s Creed III (despite it not being at all violent). The lyrics are poignant and the tribal drums a nice touch.

 #2 Walking on Broken Glass – This epic 80s heartbreaker from songstress Annie Lennox cannot fail to remind you of every time your heart was broken. It evokes images of bare feet on shards of glass tormenting you like your lost love.

#1 Heart of Glass – If you ask anyone for a song with glass in the title, this is likely the answer you’ll get and for good reason. Blondie is a perennial new wave favorite of those that grew up in the 80s or has a love for music of that era.

 If listening to these glass songs reminds you that you’ve got glass in your life that’s scratched, cracked, broken or otherwise in need of repair, contact Associated Glass for a guaranteed repair you can rely on.