If you are considering a retro-fitting your business store front, especially the store front door, it is worthwhile to make Green considerations part of your decision process.

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You may be thinking that is all well and good, but how can a door be Green? The first thought is to replace the glass with recycled beer bottles, but there are better options in the modern market place.

After the walls and roof, the most basic part of any building is the door. The door needs to be a true architectural multitasker, it is called upon to do many things. The door’s first job is to allow you and your customer’s access to the inside of your business.

It needs to keep the outside air from mixing with the inside air so that your HVAC system can maintain peak efficiency. It needs to be easy to operate, but it needs to be secure and rugged enough to keep the people out when you don’t want them to come in. It also needs to be rugged enough to last for years of day to day service.

Finally, if at all possible, you will want a storefront door that does all these things while requiring little more maintenance than the walls or roof of your building.

These are all basic business considerations, but they are also Green elements. By allowing your business to be Green, you are doing what is best for the planet. How can a rugged door that will last for years be good for the planet? Ultimately, by investing in a door that will give good service for many years, you are avoiding the need to expend the resources to build a new door.

One of the obvious requirements of a Green door is that it must keep the inside air in and the weather out. HVAC costs are an important part of any building and business’s budget, one that would be pretty easy to keep under control if not for the need to let customers in and out of the door.

The cost of opening the door to let customers in is one that most businessmen would be happy to absorb, but there are still ways that an efficient door can minimize the hidden expense. When the door is shut it will need to make the most effective seal possible. Of course it should be easy to break the seal in order for the door to easily open, but as soon as your customer is in or out of the door, it should just as quickly close and reestablish the weather-tight seal.

A last Green consideration is to recognize that even the best door is not going to last forever. We hope that we have convinced you that it is worth investing in a storefront door that will last decades or even longer. But sooner or later, all things must end, and eventually you will need to redo your storefront again.

Hopefully you will have prepared for that time by investing in storefront materials that will not wind up in the land fill. This is a big part of the reason that whenever possible, we use high quality materials that will last and are readily recyclable at the end of their service life.

If you have any questions about designing and installing a new storefront, or upgrading your existing one, the professionals at Associated Glass are standing by for your call.