A few years ago, an unassuming driver met her untimely demise all because she had failed to repair her windshield while driving along Everett, WA. To her defense, she had been driving under the speed limit been following all other traffic rules.

But due to the sleet brought about by the cold winter months, she had lost control of her car and had alarmingly smashed into a roadside tree whose branches had been perched alarmingly low. The brittle yet sharp branches had penetrated her windshield, causing injuries that would later be the cause of her passing at a nearby hospital.

Road Safety Why Windshield Repairs Cannot Be Delayed

Investigators and auto technicians who later studied the accident pointed out that the windshield of the victim’s car was unfortunately in need of replacement. Friends and family had also recall that there were distinct cracks in the windshield of the victim’s car, which analysts would later point out, was due to wear and tear.

Experts and investigators were convinced that had she replaced her windshield accordingly, she would most probably be alive today. This true to life accident, despite its macabre retelling, is a gruesome reminder of how maintenance to your automobile can easily be a life saver. And though most people tend to prioritize the engine, steering or brake system of their car, glass fixtures and windshields are just as important.

Much like how engines and brake systems are repairs that shouldn’t be delayed, windshields should be treated with the same respect. Although the accident happened in Everett, windshield repair is just as equally important for any vehicle anywhere in the world. Other incidents reported well outside the Everett, WA area include windshields cracking and shattering seemingly out of nowhere.

Not surprisingly, these were mostly accounts of drivers driving cross country at high speeds along the interstate. Investigators would later conclude that the mysterious shattering of windshields were due to drastic changes in weather and temperature, causing older, less reliable windshields to warp and eventual crack or shatter. For anyone driving at incredibly high speeds along the interstate, this can be incredibly life threatening.

Most people tend to neglect problems to their windshield, chalking it up to their insurance policy in case an accident causes it to shatter. But this kind of thinking can prove hazardous to not only the safety of the driver, but to the passengers as well. In the end, windshields are just as important as any other part of your car. Because of this, they also require the same care and maintenance as any other component.

You’ll never know when your windshield will break on you, and you can be sure that it’ll be when you least expect it. To make sure that you keep you and your car safe and road worthy, make sure to get your auto glass fixtures checked, and have your windshield repaired; without delay.