Screen Doors: Custom Repair or Replace

While Seattle isn’t the buggiest of places, if you leave your doors wide open, you’ll still find pests in your home from flies to wasps to hornets, bees and spiders. Screen doors are perfect accessories for your home, apartment or condo because they allow you to enjoy the fresh air without inviting unwelcome critters into your home.

If you already have screen doors but they’re riddled with holes or are coming apart at the seams, or you want screen doors for the first time, contact Associated Glass in Lynnwood or Snohomish for custom screens made to fit any exterior door in your home. We also do any type of custom glass.

Types of Screen Doors

There are a few different version of screen doors and Associated Glass can help with all of these. These include:

  • Hinged screen doors These are your typical open and shut screen doors that operate like traditional doors and attach to your door frame by three hinges.
  • Sliding screen doors
  • Retractable screens These are the latest screen doors to come on the market and they roll out from a canister on one side of the door and are secured by a hook or magnet when extended.
  • Storm doors These are not primarily screen doors but are heavy glass and add additional protection from water and weather, let in light and, with screens, allow air flow into your home.Whether you need one of these doors repaired, replaced or a new one installed, you can trust us to offer fast service, affordable cost and professional installation – guaranteed.

Types of Screen Wire Mesh

You may think that a screen is a screen is a screen but, in fact, there are different types of wire mesh that make up screen doors and this can make a difference in performance. Sturdier screens are ctitical if you have small children or animals exerting wear and tear on your screen door. Here’s a look at the types and purposes for each:

  • Seattle Screen Doors Repair and ReplacementVinyl coated fiberglass This type of screen will not dent or crease and is economical and flexible. It is the most common choice for new and replacement screens and comes in dark charcoal or a lighter gray color.
  • AluminumThis metal screen is strong and rust-resistant and is great to keep out insects. Common colors include charcoal gray, bright silver and black. It has a protective finish to prevent corrosion and won’t sag.
  • Patio and porch This type of screen has a finer mesh that makes it stronger. It’s used for larger screen areas like segments of a screened porch or patio or a pool surround. The finer mesh also make it more insect resistant.
  • Copper bronze This 90% copper and 10% zinc product is the premier material for window screens. It is the strongest and most durable screen material. Over time, the copper oxides and takes on a patina that protects it from corrosion.

Custom Screen Doors to Fit Any Home

No matter what type of door you have that requires a screen, you can trust the experts at Associated Glass. From front door screens to sliding doors for your deck or custom screen doors to fit French doors or other non-traditional doors, our staff can handle repair, replacement and custom crafting of screens for every home.

Associated Glass has been helping homeowners in the greater Seattle area since 1959 and is a third-generation family owned business.

Call us in Lynnwood at (425) 778-2174 or Snohomish at (360) 568-0525 for a free estimate on your screen repair, replacement or custom creation.