Mirrors are a great way to let more light into your space, reflect your family’s smiling face, make your living space look larger, let you check your outfit in the mirror and complement any décor. Whether you need a mirror replacement or repair from one that’s cracked, spotted or flaking or you want a custom mirror made for your home, call the experts at Associated Glass.

Mirror Replacement and Repair Options

Discolored Mirrors

The usual cause of mirror discoloration (where it turns brownish, spotty or cloudy, is a breakdown of the silver backing of a mirror. Mirror silver can break down due to age, water damage or cleaning with harsh solvents or poor quality of manufacture.

If you have a framed mirror that’s discolored, the experts at Associated Glass cut down the affected part of the glass to fit a smaller frame. Alternately, we can craft a new replacement mirror in the same style as the original that will fit perfectly in the mirror frame.

Cracked mirrors

Mirrors can be cracked if they’re dropped or something impacts them. Minor cracks can be overlooked for a while, but a major crack can ruin the look of a mirror all together. If you have a cracked or broken mirror, this can be a real eyesore.

Our mirror experts can easily craft a replacement mirror in flat cut or beveled edge to replace your broken or cracked mirror glass. If the mirror is small enough to bring in, come see us in our Snohomish or Lynnwood locations. For an overlarge mirror, call us for a consultation.

Flaked or spotted mirrors

Flaking and spotting in mirrors is also caused by the silver wearing away. Flaking is most common on the lower edges of bathroom mirrors due to water exposure. Over time, water splashed on the mirror when you wash hands or brush tooth wears down the silvering.

We suggest you always dry your mirrors after they are water splashed and, when cleaning, spray the solvent onto your paper towel instead of directly onto the mirror, then wipe. Spotting and flaking are not an easy DIY repair. Contact the experts at Associated Glass about repair or replacement.

Upgrade bathroom mirrors

Many builders install the cheapest of mirrors into homes and these can look fine for a few years but, eventually, poor craftsmanship will show through and leave you with flaking or spotting mirrors. This is not what you want for your home in the long run.

Our mirror experts can craft high quality upgrades to replace your existing lower-quality builder installed mirrors. Whether you want a replacement of flat glass or want to replace with better looking beveled edge glass, we can get you the look you want that will last for years to come.

Replace full size mirrors with framed

Most homes come with flat mirrors over bathroom vanities that are held up by adhesive or by clips screwed into the wall. This is practical and affordable, but not especially stylish. What can be much more attractive are framed mirrors.

The experts at Associated Glass can custom craft a mirror in any shape to fit any frame to give your bathroom an attractive and customized look. You can even have a custom frame built so you don’t lose any mirror size, but end up with a much more couture look for your bathroom.

Replace flat mirrors with beveled edge

Flat mirrors are the cheapest option, but what often looks much better is a beveled edge mirror. These are more elegant and look great for framed mirrors above mantles and fireplaces, above a sideboard in your dining room or a formal living room.

Our experts can craft a bevel edge mirror of any size or shape that you want. Beveled edge mirrors are great because they can work with or without a frame. With a frame they give an upscale traditional look and without a frame can stand alone or complement more modern décor.

Custom shape and size mirrors

Some exciting and different options for mirrored surfaces in your house, sliding mirror closet doors, protective mirror table toppers and custom mirrors for art, furniture or home design components.

Whatever type of mirror you want for your home or business, the team at Associated Glass can help. We have been custom crafting mirrors and glass since we were founded in 1959 and continue to offer the best glass and mirror solutions in Seattle.

Associated Glass serves the entire North Puget Sound area – choose from our Lynnwood or Snohomish locations. Call us in Lynnwood at (425) 778-2174 or Snohomish at (360) 568-0525 for a free consultation on your mirror needs.