Glass Shower Door Replacement SeattleNeed your glass shower door replaced? 

Seattle area homeowners have trusted us with their residential glass needs since our founding in 1959. One of our most requested services is replacement of glass shower doors whether it’s a repair issue or a style upgrade. Shower doors come in a wide array of pre-fabricated options or can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Design options range from clear to patterned or etched glass in a variety of shapes, sizes and thickness.

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We also do custom seamless shower doors and provide free estimates!

Replacement Shower Door Concerns

Support: Glass shower doors come in different weights and thicknesses and it’s important prior to selecting a replacement product to ensure that there is adequate support in the walls and mounts that the glass will rely on for stability. Shower doors that gap, don’t close or rub together are symptoms of more weight than the wall or support can bear. We can advise you on the best options and discuss how to upgrade the support if the materials you choose are heavier than your current materials.

Space: Depending on the size of your bathroom and how it’s arranged, some replacement glass door options will make more sense than others. In tighter spaces, doors that swing open may not be your best option. Likewise, sliding doors won’t work with certain shower configurations. The best result is a door that will offer you ease of access without bumping up against other bathroom fixtures or force you to squeeze in or out of your shower. We have a wide array of options and can suggest the best options based on our experience working in bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Example of Glass Shower Door ReplacementSafety: If you see a small crack or fracture on any of the edges of your shower door, this can be the starting point for a shatter. If it happens when you’re in the shower, you can be injured. Newer shower glass is tempered so it’s supposed to break into small safe chunks, but you can still be hurt by flying glass. Don’t ignore a crack in your glass shower door or enclosure – roughly 2,000 glass shower door accidents happen each year. If you have damage, don’t wait to contact us about a glass shower door replacement.

Replacement glass shower and tub doors and enclosure options

  • Framed shower enclosures

  • Frameless shower enclosures

  • Frameless corner shower stall

  • Frameless door with stationary panel

  • Single frameless shower door

  • French frameless tub enclosure

  • Neo angle frameless enclosure

  • Framed sliding shower or tub doors

  • Frameless sliding shower or tub doors

Frameless shower enclosures are elegant design elements that work with a wide variety of shower surfaces including natural stone, porcelain tile, marble, travertine, glass tile and other materials. These maximize light in the shower area and allow you to show off upscale wall and flooring components.

Framed shower enclosures can offer a more affordable alternative while remaining stylish and modern looking. These work with any materials and there is a wide array of framing materials now available as well as traditional colored materials.

Frameless door with stationary panel can be customized to maximize light through the stationary panel while allowing ease of entry. The stationary panels can be customized to work around partial walls, angled ceiling and other architectural features.

French frameless tub enclosures are a beautiful option for a tub/shower combo so you can scrap the shower curtain and let the light shine in. These open out rather than sliding for water tight performance that looks and performs beautifully.

Neo angle frameless enclosures allow you to maximize square footage or fit glass in a non-traditional shower shape or size. These angled beauties are perfect for both contemporary and traditional shower layouts.

Framed sliding glass or tub enclosures are often more affordable and traditional looking but are now designed to be more durable and attractive. These can be clear glass or patterned and will last for years to come. Frameless sliding shower or tub enclosures feature one sliding and one stationary panel with a sliding mechanism at the top where you won’t have to step over it. This is a more glamorous version of the traditional sliding shower door.

Easy Shower Door Replacement, Upgrade, or Repair

If your glass shower door, enclosure or tub enclosure needs an upgrade, repair or replacement, call the experts at Associated Glass. We have locations in both Snohomish and Lynnwood, but will come to you to check out your glass repair or replacement needs, give you an estimate for the work and then get it done quickly and with the highest quality results.

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