• 12 December 2011
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Residential glass specialists in Everett know that the winter months bring bitter colds and difficult heating bills. This year, why not swap out those old single-pane, heat-leaking windows for something more contemporary, durable, and efficient? The combination of high-quality residential glass, custom made at Associated Glass headquarters, and state of the art environmental sealants can mean lower costs for homeowners.

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In times of economic uncertainty, any chance to reduce ongoing expenses should be a welcome one. As the clouds burn off at the dawn of summer, energy efficient windows will also mean better efficiency from your air conditioning unit. Cooling a room with single-pane windows really is just letting money fly out the window. At the very least, an investment in new bedroom windows would make for more comfortable nights.

Residential Glass is Not Strictly Residential

While we have the glass your for home, we know that there are also commercial needs. It’s our pleasure to offer services for storefronts, commercial door and window replacement, and all other sorts of commercial glass installation. Because we own our own production facility, our glass can be made exactly how your business desires.

Mirrors, glass shelving, tabletops, and showcase glass is all well within our area of expertise. Instead of costly patch-up repairs, let us design and fabricate your entire storefront. You can redefine the public face of your business in only a single phone call.

Associated Glass not only covers your residential needs, we also offer high quality commercial services. We treat all of our customers as equals – no matter the size of the project, no detail will ever be overlooked, and quantity will never be neglected in favor of quality. This means commercial and residential customers alike can count on us to provide an excellent service in a reasonable time frame.

Custom Made Glass

We’ve been in the auto glass industry for more than fifty years. We custom make our glass panels so we can tailor parts to any automobile you might have. This includes all new and used vehicles – all of them. Custom made and antique or classic cars are included.

If you absolutely must have an authentic part, you can count on us to fabricate it precisely to its original specifications. This includes its strength, durability, flexibility, clarity, and so forth. Instead of shopping in antique warehouses or auction houses, let us build your custom part. It will likely be less expensive, less time consuming, and higher quality than a second-hand equivalent.

We can fabricate the part, and you can install it yourself – or not – we understand that much of the value of a restored car is in the work put into it. If you want to do your own installation, we’re available to give advice. What matters to us is that you’re happy, and that your vehicle looks superb.

If you have any questions about how we might best meet your glass needs, give Associated Glass a call, send us an email, or drop by one of our offices. Associated Glass has two locations for your convenience:

On Highway 99 in Lynnwood and at 201 Avenue D in Snohomish. You can reach us by phone at (425) 778-2174 and (360) 568-0525 respectively.

We’ve been in the industry for fifty years. We know glass. We make our own, and hope to help you fit it into your home. Be it for winterization, green living, commercial space, or even a classic car, Associated Glass is the residential glass Everett is talking about.