Many search for how to install replacement windows because you can replace your own windows however you want to consider the following before starting.

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There are plenty of reasons why to consider doing the job, but we often hear from home owners who put off window replacement because they don’t want to deal with the bother and expense of calling a professional glazier or contractor into their homes.

If you decide that you do need new windows, our advice is to have the job done while the weather is good and the days are long. Window manufacturers have come a long way in not only making their products more attractive, energy efficient and long lasting, they are making them simpler to install as well.

Working with these “simple to install” replacement windows should be within the capabilities of a competent home handyman, but it is important to be honest with yourself about your abilities. Replacing a window is a pretty big job, no matter how you look at it. Making mistakes on the job will not only keep the window from operating properly, but can allow moisture into the structure of the homewhere it can do even more expensive damage.

If you are confident enough in your handyman abilities to replace a kitchen faucet, recaulk your shower, repair a hole in sheetrock, or rewire a light switch, then you probably have the competence to replace a window. If the tool kit you received as a housewarming gift is still in the store plastic, it might be a better idea to call the pros.

Even if you are a competent handyman, there will be some other factors to take into consideration. Is that first window replacement job going to be on the ground floor? The new window is going to be heavy and bulky (you are going to want a helper) and your job will be much simpler if you can reach the outside of the window standing on the ground.

Another important factor in how simple your window replacement will be is the age of the home. Remember to consider the age of the structure, and not the age of the windows. There is a lot to be said for old style craftsmanship, but the fact is that before a certain time, construction was well done but not standardized, so you cannot be sure what you are letting yourself into. If someone replaced the windows ten or fifteen years ago, you could be facing extra problems.

How to Install Replacement Windows

The first step to replacing the window is to measure the old ones. This will be less critical if you are replacing a standard sized window with another, but highly critical if you are putting in a custom size. Measuring instructions can be found on the window manufacturer’s website. Read the instructions and carefully take your measurements, then ask the most skilled handyman friend you have to do the same thing. If the results differ, get another friend to check them.

Few things are as frustrating as an expensive, custom window that doesn’t fit.

When the time comes to actually do your replacement, the first step will be to remove the old window, hopefully as a single unit. Inspect the surrounding structure to ensure it is sound, re-insulate and reseal everything, then carefully tip the new window into place according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The new window will give you years of trouble free service and energy savings. If you do decide that the job is beyond your level, be sure to call your friends are Associated Glass.