Did you ever run across a rather innocent question that brought up disturbing or embarrassing memories? Well, this is one for me.

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First of all to the question itself, how much should a car window replacement cost? The short answer is “It Depends”. As unsatisfying as that answer is, it gets muddled with a “Good News/Bad News” qualifier.

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The Good News/ Bad News has to do with Insurance. Actually, it is mostly Good News. The most common type of automotive glass damage is to the windshield. Most often this damage is from a rock chip. In many cases this damage can be repaired without the need to replace the windshield.

The Good News is that the coverage provided by many policies will waive the deductible in cases of windshield damage, and they will leave it up to the glass shop to determine if repair or replacement is the best option.

The Bad News is that if you don’t have this coverage, car window damage can become financially painful.

Windshield Vs Regular Car Window Replacement Costs

A few years back I had a part time job delivering pizzas in Bremerton. The work was hard, but actually a lot of fun, and reasonably profitable for me. Those Navy guys and their families can really put away the pies!

One night, actually early morning, after the last pizza had been delivered and the store had been mopped and locked, I started for home in Port Orchard. We were experiencing a cold high-pressure, and the fog rolling in off of the inlet was freezing to the road surface. Between the fog and the slick conditions, I knew it was going to take well over an hour to drive home, so I decided to go back into Bremerton and stay with friends.

Even though I was only moving about 7 mph, when I made the U-turn, I lost traction and began to drift side ways. Because of the cold, the road sign I hit sheared at road level. I was moving slow enough that the post did no damage to the bumper or even the paint on the hood. Where the metal sign made contact with the windshield is a different matter.

This is when I learned about the insurance industry’s liberal attitude about windshields. The shattered glass was out and a new windshield in after just a couple hours at the shop. I asked the glazier how much it would have been without insurance, and he told me about $150. Unfortunately, this was far from the end of my auto glass adventures.

The next week while on a delivery, the cell phone rang just as I pulled up to the curb. I turned off the motor and pulled the key from the ignition, tripping the automatic lock mechanism. Because I was taking on the phone, I set the keys on the passenger seat instead of putting them in my pocket. Knowing the pizza was getting colder every minute I was talking on the phone, after I hung up I grabbed the bag and ran.

Then I realized the door had locked.

With no spare key, and in a hurry to get back to work, I borrowed a hammer and broke out the small stationary window in the rear passenger door. Big mistake.

Windshields are only about $150 because so many of them get replaced. Even though this tiny triangular window was less than one tenth the size of the windshield, it cost three times as much to replace! And with my policy, I was responsible for the full deductible because it was not the windshield!

I did find one piece of luck, the small window I needed was available from the local junkyard, so it only cost a few bucks to get the glass, and I paid the same glass shop to install it.

Let’s hope you have better luck when you deal with Associated Glass for your Auto Glass needs.