The most important piece of equipment for replacing, repairing, or maintaining a storefront door is carried between the ears of the technician that you hire to do the job!

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Replacing the door, or other glass element of your storefront is not something that will occur very often, so when it does, it is worth your effort to find the best contractor for the job. Of course, that leaves us with the question, how do you find the best contractor?

Storefront Glass Door Replacement Contractors

Just as with any other contractor you hire, one of the best tools you can have is the “gut check”. In a nutshell, does the glazier you are talking to, and the company he is working for, feel good to you? If you feel as though he is more interested in your credit card than in your job, he may not be the best contractor for you. However, if there is an instant connection, it is very likely that you will receive the service you expect and more.

If you have the time, it can be very educational to visit the glass service’s shop. Most glass work, even automotive glass, is done at remote locations, but home base is where the materials will be stored and prepared for your job. Take a look at the contractor’s store front. Using the same theory behind “never trust a skinny cook”, if the glazier’s storefront is shabby and unattractive, what can you expect of the work done on your storefront?

Take it as a good sign if you are invited beyond the reception area into the work room. Take a look at the conditions. The hand tools don’t need to be new, in fact it may not be a good sign if they are.

However, they should be clean and kept in good order. A mix of new and well used tools indicates that the shop takes care of their equipment and replaces it when necessary. If the glaziers make the effort to return their tools to the box or rack when they are finished with a task, rather than leaving them scattered about the shop, you can expect this same attention to detail at the work site.

The power tools used for glass and window work generate a lot of metal dust, so it is too much to expect them to be immaculate. A quick look should tell you whether the equipment is regularly wiped down and maintained. If the tool is neglected or abused, what does it say about the product they are used to produce?

Finally, take a look at the trucks that will bring the workers and your new door to your site. Obviously, the vehicle will be equipped to protect glass products in transport. We know that in the Puget Sound region the only clean vehicles are the ones that aren’t being driven, but the overall condition of the truck is a good indication of the company’s work practices and the quality of their product.

If you are considering replacing your storefront door, or if you have any other commercial, residential, or automotive glass need, we hope you will come see us at Associated Glass. We would be proud for you to get to know us.