Your car’s windshield is incredibly tough. At the same time it is as fragile as if it were made of glass.

That isn’t exactly true. Your windshield is in fact made of glass, but it is a special sort of glass. The glass is tempered through a heat treating process which gives it remarkable strength. It actually takes a combination of stresses and forces to cause a windshield to actually break, but when it does, let’s just say that it doesn’t break a little bit. Of course if it does break we have got you covered with windshield repair, we even do vintage auto glass!

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Best Windshield Protection Tips

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One of the best windshield protect tips is to cover it with a soft yet heavy tarpaulin. After parking the car in the garage and leaving it there for the season. Remaining parked, however, is not what cars are for.

You car lives outside and operates on the highway, where there are all sorts of things that are dangerous to a large sheet of glass on a vehicle moving at seventy plus miles per hour. The design of the windshield is its primary protection. Not only it is constructed of tempered safety glass, but the angle of the windshield and the air stream at speed help to ensure that almost anything that strikes the windshield will do so at an angle, glancing off with reduced force.

The most important step in protecting your windshield is to keep it clean. The obvious reason is driving safety- the driver is safer if his field of vision is clear, but the importance of a clean windshield actually goes to the microscopic level.

How Does Cleaning a Windshield Help?

Remember how the angle of the windshield and the air stream protect it in the case it is impacted by a flying object? If a piece of gravel strikes a glancing blow on a clean, smooth piece of glass, there is little transfer of energy, and the rock keeps flying. If the same piece of gravel encounters the friction of a dirty window, it may be able to transfer enough energy to chip or even shatter the windshield.

If you keep you car in the garage, or park it where there is little freezing danger, it is a good idea to keep a bucket of cleaning solution and a squeegee handy. At the very least, get in the habit of washing your windshield each time you fill your gas tank. (In areas that are subject to extreme cold, some service stations take the windshield washing supplies inside in freezing conditions for liability reasons.)

Another important windshield cleaning and safety tactic to keep in mind is to keep the washer-reservoir filled with cleaning solution at all times and to regularly replace your wiper blades. A quick spritz from the washers will help the wiper blades work better at the beginning of a rain, just be sure to use a winter formula when freezing weather approaches.

The Ever Important Wiper Blade

I have two basic plans for wiper blades that I have used for different vehicles, depending on my driving habits. Probably the best is to swap out blades at the spring and fall solstice. Usually I’ll pay for higher quality blades for winter driving, but the summer blades get more than their share of wear from the dust before thunderstorms, not to mention bugs! In dustier desert climates I try to change the blades with every other oil change

If the worst does happen, and that piece of flying gravel does chip your windshield, contact your friends at Associated Glass today.