The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the rainiest weather in the nation. We host the only temperate rain forests on earth, some of the most glorious mountains on the continent, and the among most consistently gray skies. It’s obvious to anyone who lives here – and a shock to many who visit – that rainfall is the rule rather than the exception. In an environment where that’s the case, glass is ever more important. Prompt auto glass repair is recommended.

Northwest Glass Repair Services WA

Keeping Out the Weather

Even if you don’t live out on the peninsula or up in the mountains, the weather can still be a problem. Broken vehicle windows are often fixed with plastic and duct tape – cheap solutions that have only limited success. You see it all the time – the person flying down the express lane with a plastic bag stuck in his window, flapping this way and that in the wind.

If you’ve ever been on the inside of a vehicle like that, you know that even the sturdiest plastic is no match for a good downpour. It’s not effective, it’s not safe, and it’s not legal.

Residential Glass

The protection of your home is more immediate than the interior of your car. If you break a window in your home, especially at this time of year, it’s an absolute requirement that it be fixed. Temperature control in a vehicle is hit or miss as it is – but temperature control inside your home? That isn’t something you can just ignore.

We offer window boarding services, but you’ll still be losing heat and wasting energy until you replace the window. However, in the intermediate period, boarding will act much the same as the plastic over a car window – it will keep out the elements just enough that you aren’t doing huge amounts of damage to your property.

Maintaining Commercial Glass

The front-facing part of your business needs to look its best. If your business front is fogged or failing, we can help you restore it to its like-new condition. Having beaming and clear display cases gives a feeling of more than just professionalism – a welcoming and visible display will lure people into your business.

Give people an excuse to come in out of the rain, and they’ll take it every time. Even if they’re only inside for a respite from the weather, that brief relief may be enough to motivate them to make a purchase. In short – it’s imperative to keep the weather out. Keep it out of your car: replace broken windows and repair cracks in your windshield before they get worse.

Keep it out of your home: do the upkeep on your windows, and if they’re broken or leaking, have them replaced. Keep it out of your business: a good storefront will draw people in. Associated Glass can help you with all of these things. Give us a call.