Your car may not be your biggest investment, and it is one that you will probably have to make several times. Obviously you will want to get the greatest return on investment from the car you’ve got, for as long as possible.

The windshield is an element that we tend to ignore until there is something wrong with it. That is usually OK. Life is complicated enough without more distractions. But that little star that suddenly appeared in the middle of your windshield could be more than just a distraction.

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Of course the distraction is enough reason to get it taken care of. Seattle drivers are actually very polite, but there are so many of us on a limited amount of freeway space, everyone needs to keep their attention focused on the drivers around us, and not that little star (when did that thing show up?)

If it is not in your direct line of vision, the star may seem like a small deal, and it might be. Or it could be a problem waiting for a chance to turn into a catastrophe. The best way to have the situation evaluated is to take it into a reputable automotive glass technician. The trick is finding one.

Here are some things to consider to help you find a quality Lynnwood windshield replacement and repair service:

  • Look for an established shop. If the business has been around for more than a few years, they will have a history of happy and satisfied customers. Any business that hopes to get their customers to come back and attract new ones will offer a pleasing customer experience. This means a quality repair job at a reasonable price.

Don’t be too put off if the repair shop most convenient to you is a new branch or franchisee, look to the reputation of the parent shop – they won’t let the new business stray too far from the fold!

  • Does the shop offer a referral discount? A referral program can be great for both the shop and the consumer. You can expect to get good information from your friends and family, and they from you, and if the glass shop knows that your are going to be talking to that many people, they will want to do a good job for you.

Everyone knows the best marketing is word of mouth, and it is often worth it for the glass shop to give you a healthy referral discountin order to have you recommend them to your friends.

The glass repair shop will often have a pretty good idea as soon as you tell them who your insurance carrier is. To be honest, this is why there are a number of less than reputable glass shops out there. An insurance scam is easy money that can be hard to ignore, but it is fraud.

If the shop is willing to defraud a huge insurance company, will they really care how good of a job they do on your windshield? The shop that cares about their reputation will help you to get all the help you deserve from your insurer. However, they will not risk harming their good name with consumers or getting blacklisted by the insurance companies.

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