any other city in North America, commercial glass services are deemed quintessential in Seattle.  And though glass services have been largely recognized as a residential endeavor, they do have very important applications in the commercial industry.

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Seattle has been known to be a great city for growth and industry. And that goes along with having a growing sector of commercial needs. Commercial glass services are, of course, one of them. If you have, or are looking to have, a commercial space in and around the Seattle area, here are a number of glass services that you can avail from.

Glass Storefronts Design, Fabrication and Installation

When it comes to commercial settings, especially in the retail sector; first impressions, last. A storefront speaks volumes when it comes to attracting customers to a shop, and one of the key glass services in Seattle is being able to design an elegant and attractive storefront to entice potential customers to the store.

Even the finest of products won’t sell themselves if they’re kept hidden behind wooden and concrete walls, no matter how great your location in the city may be. Glass storefronts will allow you to showcase your wares to the public while protecting them from thieves and burglars.

Show Case Glass Repair and Replacement

Speaking of showing off your wares, glass show cases are also a great way of parading your products within the store itself, while keeping them safe and protected from meddling hands. Show cases are especially useful for displaying over the counter products, or for putting a premium on higher end pieces on the store floor.

Show case glasses are great for showcasing jewelry and electronic devices, for example. They are also great accents for putting emphasis on collector’s items, memorabilia or other curios and trinkets your store might have. If you really want to be able to highlight your in-store wares, glass show cases are the way to go.

Glass Wall Partitions

In a commercial and office setting, the lay-out can easily become very suffocating and constraining, especially if you’re working in an environment that demands an image of professionalism, integrity and formality. However, that doesn’t mean that the lay-out of your commercial or even office space should conform to a rigid, labyrinth maze of walls.

Glass wall partitions are a great commercial glass service in the Seattle area. They allow that much needed division of work spaces, while instilling a feeling of transparency in even the most rigid of offices. Glass wall partitions are easily a great solution in opening up the lay-out of your commercial area; whether it’s in banks or consultation offices.

Glass Fixtures: Mirrors, Table Tops and Shelving

If you are a commercial space owner who likes a twist of the home life in your interiors, glass fixtures are a great way of keeping your place comfy and homey. Whether its mirrors for your bathroom, glass table tops for your waiting area, or glass shelving for your magazines or books for queued customers, glass fixtures are a budget friendly yet elegant way of putting a touch of warmth in any commercial venue.