Looking for a way to add storage space, show off collectibles in a different way or a striking architectural feature? Custom glass shelves may be just the thing. Glass shelving can compliment any room in your house or apartment and let the light shine through. They’re easy to clean and maintain and are durable enough to last decades. The glass experts at Associated Glass have been creating custom glass shelves for residences and businesses since we opened up shop in the Seattle area in 1959.

Glass shelving for the living room and entry way

Glass shelves let your collectibles take center stage. This type of shelving is subtle so you don’t notice what the objects are resting on, but admire the objects themselves. Glass shelves are the perfect way to show off coral, geodes, trophies, blown glass, antique teacups, floral arrangements or figurines. If it’s worth collecting, it’s worth showing off.

You can knock out some Sheetrock and install glass shelving in your entry way or between rooms as a divider that doesn’t block light and lets you show off decorative items. Build in a counter or find an interesting antique sideboard and install some narrow glass shelves behind it, and you’ve got a custom bar area to mix up cocktails when you’re entertaining.

Glass shelves in the bathroom for style and storage

Glass Shelves BathroomBathroom Remodel – Glass Shelf by Cheryl Marland is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The options for glass shelves in the bathroom are endless. Glass shelves can be tucked into a corner of the shower to store your soaps and shampoos. It’s great in the shower because it’s easy to clean and is mold and mildew resistant. Plus, glass is virtually impenetrable to water damage. You can wipe it and go and have no worries.

Who doesn’t need more storage above their tub for towels or doo-dads? Glass shelves are a great option to provide space for your stuff without blocking light. Glass shelves can be crafted to fit above your sinks or toilets too. Because they’re immune to moisture damage, adding glass shelf accents to your bathroom is both smart and stylish.

Glass shelves in the kitchen for open design and elegant storage

Glass Shelves KitchenGlass Rows by Mei Burgin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you like the idea of open design in your kitchen rather than having all your stuff behind closed doors, custom glass shelves are an exciting alternative. You can install glass shelves from the ceiling down over an island to store wine glasses, platters, and crockery. Replace wood cabinets with open glass shelves for easy access to glasses and dishes that lets in lots of light.

If your sink is below a window, adding glass shelves on either side is a perfect place to start an herb garden or put succulents in striking containers. Another idea is to show off vintage glass, sea glass or antique apothecary jars. Glass shelves in the kitchen can be decorative, functional or a charming blend of both. And glass reflects rays of the sun to increase the natural light in your kitchen.

Glass shelves in your closet and bedroom keep you beautifully organized

Closets are one area where light is a constant concern and where it can be hard to find your favorite scarf or sweater when it gets lost in a dim corner. Custom glass shelving in your closet makes it easy to spot your swag from any angle. Purses, shoes and stacks of sweaters are easier to spot and organize on glass rather than wood or plastic shelving.

Glass shelves can be a great way to upgrade any size closet. In your bedroom, consider glass shelving above your bedside table, desk or vanity. It’s ideal for storage of books, knick-knacks, cosmetics or organizing bins. Glass is the perfect compliment because it matches every furniture style from antique to contemporary or anywhere in between. Whether your décor is eclectic or dedicated, glass works.

To find out more about custom glass shelving for any room in your home, contact the professionals at Associated Glass. We can craft any thickness and depth of glass and install it in your home. From bracketed glass to floating shelves, we can do it all. Come see us in Lynnwood or Snohomish, WA. We’re open Monday through Saturday in both locations. Call (425) 778-2174 for our Lynnwood location or (360) 568-0525 in Snohomish.