Mirrors are another of those things that seem are taken for granted, but can you imagine a world without them? There was a time when mirrors were only a treasure for the very rich. Pools of dark, still water would provide a reflection, but they were difficult to hang on a bedroom wall. The very earliest mirror were sheets of polished natural glass, like obsidian. When metal working was discovered, polished metal was used to greater and lesser degrees of success. Today decorating with mirrors has the added benefit of expanding certain areas.

How to Expand Interiors Using Mirrors

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Metal on glass mirrors were first developed in the Near East during the first century, but mirrors remained exclusive to the wealthy until the rise of mass manufacturing. Now it is hard to imagine not seeing several mirrors through the course of the day.

The mirror we think about most is the one over the bathroom sink, which is where we generally prepare ourselves to face the day. It would be sad if the bathroom mirror is the only mirror in your home. Mirrors have the power to immediately brighten and even expand any room they are used in!

This seemingly magical power of mirrors has been the inspiration for countless stories and comedy routines, including Alice in Wonderland. The reason these stories exist is because mirrors really are that powerful! A sizable mirror is like having a portable window you can put anywhere in a room.

Mirrors and Windows

Placing a mirror where it reflects a window is an especially effective way to bring extra light into the space while appearing to increase the size of the room. A  living room with a formal fireplace and mantle almost begs for a large mirror with a frame that matches the mantle piece. When relaxing in the room, people often find themselves not looking at the mirror, but looking at the room that is reflected in the mirror.

Mirrors can be especially useful to increase the feeling of space in small apartments. A tiny living room or sitting room will suddenly double in size if an entire wall is covered with mirrors. Another room expanding trick is to place a large, horizontal mirror just above or below eye level. This will give the felling of increased space without the distraction of feeling as though you are constantly looking at yourself.

Decorating with Framed Mirrors

If you are decorating to a theme, framed mirrors are a great way to accessorize your room. Frames can match compliment the room’s color scheme, or a venetian styled frame can add drama to a more formal setting. Unfinished wood frames are a great touch in rustic or country themed rooms, while stainless steel frames are the perfect touch for a modern room.

Oriental or Eastern themed décor is another important place to use mirrors. The Chinese practice of feng shui has a number of applications and uses for mirrors. In general, mirrors have the power to reflect or turn away evil spirits, but this needs to be done with care so that beneficial spirits are not deflected as well.

Another power of mirrors in feng shui is to effectively double good fortune. A mirror near the dining table will make the meal twice as large and twice as satisfying (thankfully, without twice the calories). However, be careful putting mirrors in a home office or anywhere that bills and invoices may be placed, as these can be doubled as well!

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