• 6 December 2011
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Associated Glass Offer the Highest Quality Glass

Glass shops have teamed up with Associated Glass Washington to deliver what can only be the highest quality windshield, generalautomotive, residential, and even commercial glass. Each window is custom made using state of the art materials, meaning that your product is built to order based on your input.

Since Associated Glass runs its own glass-making operation, both stock and custom parts alike can be forged and on your vehicle in less time than other shops, which may have to order glass from the dealer and hope it arrives in one piece.

Everett Auto Glass Repair WA

While the name implies a specialization for vehicle repair, here at Associated Glass we are well versed in many other types of glass installation. The choice to refer to automotive glass comes from more than half of a century in the business of cars.

However, Associated Glass is able to do residential glass installations for homeowners, whether they’re looking for a new style or a more energy-efficient design. Likewise, we are able to do large-scale commercial installations. Single-pane glass windows can siphon heat out of a home during winter, and they pull the warmth of summer inside despite the strongest air conditioning units. If it’s a home or a business, the bottom line is still impacted by the quality of windows and sealants on a building.

 Glass and Custom Cars

Not all windshields are equal. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and Everett auto glass can fix them all. More importantly, though, is the ability to serve the custom or antique car enthusiast. People are often saying you just can’t get parts like you used to.

With Associated Glass, that’s not the case. Our custom made glass can be shaped and tempered to match the style, strength, and flexibility of any vehicle make and model – old or new. We offer interior and exterior glass solutions. Whether it’s detail work or a new windshield, Associated Glass is the shop for you.

Contacting an Auto Glass Repair Specialist

Our Crack Repair Team has been in the industry a long time. One of the reasons we’ve been so successful is our ability to work quickly and efficiently. No repair is too small, and no project is too large. However, the important step we always take is project assessment. Because we plan ahead, we’re better able to make the most of our glass creation and/or repair process, from the initial furnishing to the final installation.

The organization process is organic and fluid, though. This means that if you call right now, chances are high that an employee at Associated Glass can get you an appointment with ease. Associated Glass has two locations for your convenience: on Highway 99 in Lynnwood and at 201 Avenue D in Snohomish.

You can reach us by phone at (425) 778-2174 and (360) 568-0525 respectively. For added convenience, we’re also available electronically through our website. So go ahead, schedule an appointment. Our Everett auto glass team can repair your cracked windshield, broken window, or give you custom glass for your custom car.