Creative Ways to Decorate your Home with Mirrors

Whether you want a subtle focal point such as a rectangular tilting mirror, a bespoke exotic wood armoire made for the bedroom/dining room with mirrored inset doors, or an antique vanity dresser and dimmable backlit mirror, every mirror has a use and purpose in your home. 

Using multiple mirrors/panels at different angles, allows a casting of shadows to deflect from the surface of a mirror or mirrors. You create this by using a combination of natural and diffused light, multiple wall sconces dimly lit, or candles dispersed throughout. 

By introducing this beautiful aesthetic, you can achieve a relaxing, warm, and welcoming atmosphere in your home. 

One of the key features in choosing a mirror or a combination of mirrors throughout would be to find creative ways to enhance and display a large area or liven up a space that is difficult to decorate. 

Ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Which area of the home will a majority/ratio of the mirrors be? i.e. living area, master bedroom/bathroom, or kitchen.  
  • Will you be using several mirrors as décor or will you use it as a “shabby” antique?  
  • What is its overall function in the home? Do you want to add space or renovate an area? I.e. kitchen island tempered glass cooking countertop.  
  • Do you want to “repurpose” mirrors? 

The mirror can become the focal point of the room or it can set opposite of the living room window, creating a spacious feel and flow from room to room. As you move from room to room, it is a good idea to journal/sketch out how you envision the design. 

For instance, a large mirror creates an illusion of depth. An example would be an infinity mirror. You use two mirrors: a regular mirror with LEDs in front and a second mirror that reflects the LED image back onto the reflective one. 

Some fun examples are: Using a circular shape or lighting up your coffee table or using the mirror effect in a game room. 

Creative ways to decorate with mirrors, room by room

entry mirror decor

Hallway and Foyer (Entryway) 

The foyer or entryway is usually longer than it is wide however not big but it’s number one on the list of your “hospitality” meter and good “feng shui”! It’s where you “meet and greet” your loved ones, friends, family, co-workers, annual family reunion, next door neighbors, etc. and, if you are having a “soi·rée” or dinner party,” it’s imperative to have that special “accent” table, a Regina Andrew mother of pearl lamp, and a Golden Ridges wire oval mirror hanging directly above. These are beautiful touches that will transform your foyer. 

living room mirror

Great Room or Living Room area 

Dramatic mirrors can make a room a conversation piece, especially if there’s a beautiful chandelier hanging nearby. Choosing a rectangular shaped mirror that covers the full length of your sofa is no easy fete.  Consider a pair of large, window-like mirrors to bring a sense of balance and space to a neutral living room design.

dining room mirror home decorating

Dining Room area 

Feng shui – If you place a mirror next to the dining table it means a cure for wealth and abundance like the mirror. Another is having a collection of books, a favorite work of art or object, a bowl of fruit, a beautiful view, or some treasured photo box. 

The energy duplicates what is in front of them, they can be used to reflect anything that you would love to see more of in your life. 

decorating kitchen with mirrors


The kitchen is so much more than a center island to prepare food. Instead of using ceramic tile as your backsplash, try glass tiles bricks. There are several to choose from: an iridescent indigo glass tile, polished silver, burnished copper or an ivory mosaic. Not only are glass tiles low maintenance, they are environmentally friendly (recycled). 

By accentuating your kitchen with the right amount of light, it creates a beautiful visual effect. Remodeling your kitchen should always include recessed lighting under the kitchen cabinets. 

Keep in mind it is tempered, heat-resistant glass, suitable as the backsplash behind a stovetop. 

Bedroom with large wooden mirror

Master Bedroom and Bath 

The Master Bedroom is an important area in your home. If you have a Master “Suite,” it encompasses an even larger space which you will have to contend with. However, by including the Master Bath and Closet as part of the overall design process, you can choose a pair of frameless, sliding mirrored closet doors or bi-fold closet doors. 

Mirrors give any room or area a more spacious and elegant look. If your walk-in closet is narrow and long, you can prop a standalone, large (tall but narrow in width) mirror against the back wall or hang a mirror over the inside/outside closet door. It’s functional and it also gives the illusion of a larger space. 

Instead of hanging art on the wall, you might consider wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling mirrors which can be custom-cut for different shapes i.e. spherical (concave or convex) brought together as a cluster of circles that resemble clouds, etc. or mirrored dresser drawers. It really adds that special twist. 

bathroom mirror ideas

There are so many designs you can use for the master bath such as “beveled” mirrors with glass mosaic iridescent tile surrounded with diamond glass grout, “Shabby Boutique” in a whitewash frame, or custom glass shower enclosures. 

Even suspended mirrors or a backsplash can add that distinctive touch and catch the natural light shining through a cubed window. 

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