Eventually, just about any commercial enterprise is going to need commercial glass services. Glass is great stuff, but no matter how heavy duty it is, sooner or later it may shatter, well, like glass!

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Glass in the home is different from glass in the business place. First of all, a business will often use a lot more of it. Glass houses have never really caught on for a number of reasons, not the least of which is privacy.

However many commercial operations, especially retail outlets, want to have as much on display as they possibly can. This attracts customers, and customers bring in money, and that, after all, is the point of the whole exercise.

Having an entire store front made of is more than simply having over-sized windows in comparison with the home. The glass itself needs to be thicker and heavier, in part to support its own weight. (No, having more people looking through a business’s window doesn’t make it wear out faster.) Store front glassneeds to be stronger than glass in the home simply because it is subject to more abuse and overall harsher conditions.

Common sense would lead us to suppose that seaside homes with picture windows facing gale force winds, or suburban sliding glass doors during little league season would see more abuse. These applications call for much lighter glass than the store front. Passersby not only look through the store front glass, they stop, poke, tap, and lean against it.

After hours, the glass is the only thing between the contents of the store and the criminal element. A determined thief could perhaps break a commercial grade storefront window, but the effort required would cause enough noise to attract more attention than a casual thief would appreciate.

The elements also need to be kept out of the business place. Glass is a good insulator against some things, but commercial glass is often coated to aid the business’s HVAC system. Otherwise the clear store front could turn the store into a sweltering green house in certain conditions, and the sun’s UV rays might have a damaging effect on displayed merchandise.

There is more to commercial glass than just storefronts, of course. Many businesses that do not use a full glass front will still employ a glass door which is attractive and welcoming to customers. The commercial glass professionals will be able to provide all the necessary skills to service the door so that it is easy to operate, but still makes an effective seal against the weather, and can be made secure for those after hours concerns.

Businesses will also need regular windows and skylights to provide natural light for work areas. Professional glaziers will also be able to help design and build attractive display cases to help retailers show off their wares.

No matter how big your business, or whether you have residential, automotive, or commercial, Associated Glass is standing by for all of your glass needs in the Puget Sound Region.