custom auto glass for your vintage vehicle

Over the years, auto glass has evolved significantly making it shatter resistant, with improved durability, and enhanced visibility. With vintage vehicles, original glass is problematic for safety reasons. When you’ve got cracked or damaged glass that needs to be replaced, there are many reasons to choose custom glass over trying to source vintage replacement glass. 

4 reasons you should choose custom auto glass for your vintage vehicle

#1 Safety first

When restoring a vintage vehicle, aesthetics is crucial. You put a lot of time and money into your vehicle and want it to look its best, but safety takes priority. Modern glass is made to a higher standard while original glass is weaker and more prone to breakage because of age. Older car glass is not tempered – a modern treatment that made glass stronger and less prone to shattering.

Brittle, aged glass can make installation challenging. You may source original glass, but even the most careful hands can damage or break it because it’s inherently weaker. Windshield installations are particularly problematic since the glass is often curved. When vintage glass shatters, it’s dangerous. You want a beautiful, safe vehicle, so custom glass is preferable.

custom glass safety

#2 Uniformity

Another issue with sourcing vintage glass over custom replacement glass is uniformity. You may struggle to find an exact match for your vehicle. You want all the auto glass to match perfectly, but that might not be possible. Inexact manufacturing processes from decades ago could result in batch-based differences in glass color.

By replacing all the glass in your vintage vehicle when you restore it, you’ll achieve a uniform look that improves curb appeal and resale value. Custom glass can be made to look just like original glass, but with enhanced safety and visibility features. Plus, the more windows you need to replace, the greater the challenges for matching glass.

custom vintage vehicle glass value

#3 Vehicle value

There are some aspects of restoring a vehicle that can diminish the value while other upgrades will not. For instance, a vintage radio is critical to maintaining an authentic interior look – so it matters greatly. Paint choice and upholstery are also obvious visible style choices that can devalue the vehicle if they don’t reflect the vintage aesthetics.

With glass, though, quality and safety matter. Whether you’re keeping the vehicle or plan to sell, value relies on many factors and one of them is safety. Expertly crafted custom glass is a top choice for a car with curb appeal that maintains resale value. Since glass is critical to the structural integrity of the vehicle, it’s a big selling point knowing that your vintage vehicle is stylish and safe.

custom vintage vehicle glass time

#4 Saves time

When restoring a vintage vehicle, you’ll spend lots of time sourcing authentic parts. It is often difficult to track down and locate original, undamaged glass and it’s even more difficult to install original glass properly. Age and time often distort and misshapes glass making it prone to damage which means it may be damaged in transit.

For some vintage parts, like glass, personal pick-up is necessary to ensure you’re getting what you paid for and it arrives undamaged. However, traveling to pick up parts is a time-consuming hassle. Worse yet, if you source original glass that gets damaged during shipping or installation, you’re out of pocket money and time. Buying custom glass is a better use of your resources.

Don’t try and DIY your auto glass

As mentioned above, glass is key to the structural integrity of your vintage vehicle, so it must be expertly installed whether you go with original or custom-made replacement glass. Auto glass isn’t something to DIY unless you’re an expert auto restorer. You should always and only have the auto glass replaced by a trained professional.

Classic vehicles lack modern safety features like anti-lock brakes and airbags, so it’s crucial that you have safe, high-quality glass installed by an expert to keep driver and passengers safe in a collision. Finally, improperly installed glass puts you at risk for costly water damage. You don’t want your investment wrecked by a water leak in Seattle’s rainy season!

To find out more about custom auto glass for your vintage vehicle, contact Associated Glass in Lynnwood or Snohomish for a free estimate on replacement auto glass. We’re experts at glass since we’ve been serving the greater Seattle area since 1959. See us for all your glass needs today.