TOP 10 SIGNS it’s time to replace your windows

Signs it’s time to replace your windows

Since 1959, Associated Glass has served the Greater Seattle area for providing a family tradition of excellent service in which both residential and commercial customers have grown to trust. Educating the customer before a project has begun can alleviate that fear factor and offer insight into what they can...

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5 Best Windows to Save Money, Energy, and Beautify Your Seattle Home

ENERGY STAR® certified windows are rated for the rate of heat transfer, how well it blocks the sun, the amount of solar energy emitted, as well as how much air leakage and condensation that may build-up. Your investment can save you hundreds on utility bills. A thoughtfully chosen window...

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Sliding Glass with Rice Paper Shades

7 Creative Sliding Glass Door Ideas

Sliding Glass Door Ideas from Frosted Glass, Room Dividers, Seamless Outdoor Viewing and More!If you want more light in your living space or office, glass sliding doors can be a design element to consider. Custom sliding glass doors can be used in many ways. Check out these super creative...

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7 Funky Glass Table Top Ideas – Revamp Your Décor with Unusual Accent Tables

Glass is a beautiful addition to your home. Beyond windows, doors and glass-front cabinets, custom glass-topped tables can be a spectacular addition to your décor. Glass topped tables can be placed on a traditional base or something unusual, so long as it will safely support and balance the glass....

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Seamless Glass Shower Doors

Here’s a look at five of the major advantages of seamless glass shower doorsShower curtains were once the style then the trend became framed shower doors with metal frames and clear or frosted glass. The next evolution is seamless glass shower doors and enclosures and more consumers are choosing...

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Cleaning Windows Like a Pro – Plus Cheap Window Cleaner Recipes

There’s nothing more beautiful than sparkling clean windows and, ideally, yours should be cleaned twice a year (at least). You’ll be amazed at how shiny windows can transform the look of your home but, for many of us, window cleaning is a chore we put off because we think...

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How to Save Energy and Get a Windows Tax Credit

Windows are one of the biggest sources of energy leaks in your home. Stand near your windows and you’ll likely feel a draft. On colder days, touch a pane and you feel a chill to the touch. On hot days, windows can feel like oven doors. If you have...

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Custom Glass Shelves Add Clear Design Inspiration in Any Room

Looking for a way to add storage space, show off collectibles in a different way or a striking architectural feature? Custom glass shelves may be just the thing. Glass shelving can compliment any room in your house or apartment and let the light shine through. They’re easy to clean...

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Got Birds? 7 Easy Bird-Proofing Tips for Bird Window Protection

Roughly one billion birds die each year as a result of birds flying into windows. Depending on the size of the bird and the velocity, a bird flying into a window can cause little damage, a crack or complete breakage of your glass. This isn’t fun to deal with,...

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