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5 Best Windows to Save Money, Energy, and Beautify Your Seattle Home

ENERGY STAR® certified windows are rated for the rate of heat transfer, how well it blocks the sun, the amount of solar energy emitted, as well as how much air leakage and condensation that may build-up. Your investment can save you hundreds on utility bills. A thoughtfully chosen window...

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5 Reasons you Might Need Window Screen Replacement

5 Ways Replacing Window Screens Saves Money and Keeps Your Home SaferIf you don’t have window screens at all, opening your windows to enjoy the spring breeze can let in birds, bugs and other unwelcome critters. And if you do have screens but the frames are bent or there’s...

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Cleaning Windows Like a Pro – Plus Cheap Window Cleaner Recipes

There’s nothing more beautiful than sparkling clean windows and, ideally, yours should be cleaned twice a year (at least). You’ll be amazed at how shiny windows can transform the look of your home but, for many of us, window cleaning is a chore we put off because we think...

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How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Home – 5 Things to Consider

If some (or all) of your windows need replacing because they’re in disrepair, broken or just plain unattractive, you should know this is a major project and can be costly, depending on how many windows you replace and the replacement style you choose. And because windows are a significant...

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Windshield Replacement How Long

Windshield Replacement: How Long Will It Take?

Replacing a car’s windshield is actually a pretty straight forward operation, but there are a couple of restrictions that the car owner should be aware of when he brings the car into the shop.Repairing a chipped windshield is a quicker operation, another reason that repair is preferred when it...

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Lynnwood Windshield Replacement and Repair Services

Quality Lynnwood Windshield Replacement and Repair Services

Your car may not be your biggest investment, and it is one that you will probably have to make several times. Obviously you will want to get the greatest return on investment from the car you’ve got, for as long as possible. The windshield is an element that we...

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expand interiors using mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors to Expand Interiors

Mirrors are another of those things that seem are taken for granted, but can you imagine a world without them? There was a time when mirrors were only a treasure for the very rich. Pools of dark, still water would provide a reflection, but they were difficult to hang...

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protect your windshield

Best Windshield Protection Tips for Seattle Environment

Your car’s windshield is incredibly tough. At the same time it is as fragile as if it were made of glass.That isn’t exactly true. Your windshield is in fact made of glass, but it is a special sort of glass. The glass is tempered through a heat treating process...

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How Much Should A Home Window Replacement Cost?

Replacing the windows in your house seems like it should be a simple thing, and not that expensive. However, it is one of those jobs were unexpected expenses have a way of appearing. Many home improvement projects are considered rather enjoyable, whether the homeowner is doing the work themselves...

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Auto Glass Insurance Claims

It is early morning. Maybe not so early, but we live in the Seattle area in winter. It feels early because the sun will not come up until almost eight am. Traffic is pretty light this morning, probably because it started snowing about 2 AM. People, who are smarter...

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