It is early morning. Maybe not so early, but we live in the Seattle area in winter. It feels early because the sun will not come up until almost eight am. Traffic is pretty light this morning, probably because it started snowing about 2 AM. People, who are smarter than we are, are staying in bed.

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It is nice that the traffic is so light. It has pounded most of the slush out of the way. The lanes are mostly clear, but there are still deep piles of slush on the side of the road and between the lanes. No problem, unless the trucks ahead of you change lanes in front of you, sending a huge fountain of slush across your windshield, along with…


It sounds like a gunshot, but there is no real harm is done. Except, maybe in your underwear.

You try to see if there is any damage done, but it is hard to see in the dark with the wet. When you get to work and park, the sun is up, and there it is; low on the passenger side. A Seattle Star, a WDOT Kiss. There is a chip in your window. So what now?

There are really only three options worth considering. The first is to simply ignore the chip. No, it isn’t going to go away. In fact, a chip has a very good chance of becoming a crack. A cracked windshield is not a good thing. Not only does it look bad, it can easily turn into a broken windshield. The glass is an important structural element to your car, and for the sake of safety, your insurance company wants it to be intact.

So that leaves you with two choices; either go to a reputable Glass Shop, or call your Insurance Company first. Then they will tell you to go to a reputable Glass Shop.

The key is finding a reputable Glass Shop.

Tips Regarding Auto Glass Insurance Claims

The Insurance Industry has found that it is better to waive the deductible on glass claims than to risk not having them fixed. For this reason, insurance claims are great for glass shops. This means that there are shops that will fraudulently take advantage of a good thing.

Most Glass Shops, once they have determined that your auto policy is legitimate, will take care of dealing with your insurer. All they will need is your policy number and your signature. A reputable shop will evaluate the windshield chip, and determine if it can be repaired or if total replacement is warranted.

A replacement windshield means more profit for the shop, but a reputable shop will take the option to repair it if they can. Why would they allow themselves to miss this potential profit? First of all they are honest businessmen. They also wouldn’t want to risk being blackballed by the Insurance companies.

They will not repair the chip if there is any possibility of danger. If the chip is in certain positions on the windshield, they are more prone to cracking. If the chip is directly in the driver’s sight line, they will likely replace the windshield rather than let there be any danger of an accident down the line.

Why should the car owner care whether or not the Insurance Company gets ripped off? Isn’t it better to get a new windshield? Yes, and No. The best outcome for the car owner may be a new, factory quality windshield installation. An appropriate repair will be every bit as safe as a replacement, but if you are dealing with someone who is willing to risk a confrontation with Insurance Fraud investigators, can you be sure they won’t cut corners installing your new wind shield?

If you are the victim of a Seattle Star or WDOT Kiss, be sure to contact Associated Glass as soon as you can!