In order to extend our customer base, we will continue to improve our standards of excellence in order to maintain a strong presence in a rapidly growing and changing world.

What this means to our customers is that Associated Glass will use our longevity and knowledge to maintain a strong force in our industry. We will strive to continually improve our technology to meet the demands of a changing marketplace.

We will seek vendors and supplies who meet the highest standards. Our current vendor list has a strong commitment to our philosophy.

What this means to our employees is a fast paced work environment with an excellent opportunity to grow and develop their own unique talents, to build relationships among themselves and to meet the daily challenges of working in the glass industry.

Corporate Values

At Associated Glass, our values are simple: customer service, integrity, financial security and a positive workplace. These values serve as a focus for formulating decisions, establishing action plans, and gauging our success.

  • Customer Service: We do our best to ensure that our customers feel confident in our service and commitment to them. Our staff provides resources to our customers, as well as themselves to solve problems, train and develop others, and maintain a positive attitude. We strive to hire personnel that perform with professionalism under all circumstances.
  • Integrity: The dictionary defines integrity as “the quality state of being of sound moral principle, uprightness, honesty and sincerity.” Our mission is building customer confidence through quality service and communication cannot be achieved without being honest with our employees, our customers, our vendors and ourselves. To us, there is no other way of doing business.
  • Positive Workplace: We want each and every employee at Associated Glass to feel a sense of accomplishment in their achievements and know they are an integral part of a growing corporation. Our intent is for each employee to benefit from the rewards of working in a positive workplace.