Sam and Virginia Munn formed Associated Glass, Inc. in 1959. The storefront of Associated glass has remained at the same address for over 40 years; however, many changes have taken place.

When Sam and Virginia started the business they were, as we are today, a full service glass company. Sam had a particular interest in the art glass industry and brought his special talents to many households in our area. Virginia ran the day to day operation of Associated Glass and with her strong business knowledge the company grew.

Associated Glass has been a family run business since its inception. Sam and Virginia introduced their son, Bob Munn, to the business, and he bought the company from them in 1973. With Bob’s youthful enthusiasm, the business grew both in customer base, store locations and product areas.

In 1984, Bob opened a new location in Snohomish, Washington. Once again, there were many challenges of starting a new business, however, success prevailed. Bob’s special interests were antique cars, and he quickly became the “expert” on antique auto glass.

In keeping with the family tradition, Bob introduced his son, Jim Munn, to the business. Jim worked at Associated Glass throughout his youth and purchased the business from his father in 1998. Jim has a family history of success, and he would like to add his vision which is to become the most relied upon full service glass company in the area.

Our customer base draws from storefront business, residential and commercial service and installation of windows, fabricated mirrors and shower doors. Our philosophy for maintaining our current customer base is a commitment to provide fast, courteous, professional service with high quality materials to our customers.

We strongly feel that a continuous commitment to provide quality customer service is of utmost importance. We believe in a strong partnership with our customers and maintaining a strong relationship which is beneficial to all involved. These concepts allow us to achieve our mission of building customer confidence through quality and communication.

Our values of customer service, integrity, financial security and a positive workplace are consistent throughout the organization. Each employee is trained to understand that, through their daily activities, they are representing Associated Glass each time they come in contact with a customer. With this philosophy in mind, this generates a cohesive, team oriented organization with customers and suppliers treated with mutual respect. In addition, we attempt to cross-train each employee to maintain an efficient, smooth running operation.