Glass is a beautiful addition to your home. Beyond windows, doors and glass-front cabinets, custom glass-topped tables can be a spectacular addition to your décor. Glass topped tables can be placed on a traditional base or something unusual, so long as it will safely support and balance the glass. If you want a custom glass top for a table, contact Associated Glass in Snohomish or Lynnwood today.

Here’s a look at seven interesting ideas for glass tabletops

#1 Slim profile dining table

custom glass table top
Custom Glass Table Top by Adil Tabri is licensed under CC BY 2.0














If you have a small dining area – or no dining area at all and have to create one in another room, a long, slim table may be the perfect fit. Frosted, etched or architectural glass can amp this up. A slim table can create a focal point that calls attention to the beautiful glass rather than the smaller dining table.

#2 Glass top drafting table

Glass top industrial drafting table
Glass top industrial drafting table by Paris on Ponce & Le Maison Rouge is licensed under CC BY 2.0

















If you need a drafting table for work or want one for decorative purposes, a glass topped version can be unusual and visually appealing. This above version uses a vintage base with a custom glass top, but a newer base can work just as well. It also allows light flow while providing added work space.

#3 Asymmetrical raw wood table

wood beam table
Beam Table by Phil Manker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A custom designed table like this can be used as a coffee table, dining table, behind-the-sofa table or end table. Reclaimed (or brand new) wood can be used to construct a one-of-a-kind base for a table of any size or function. If you like wood with glass, this can be a great addition to your home.

#4 Tech geek coffee table

tech geek glass table
My b*tchin’ coffee table by rotormind is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This unique table uses vintage computer parts as a base, but could be done with any unique item solid enough to support a table base whether it’s a vintage wooden industrial spool, stacks of movie reels welded together, old game consoles or anything large or stackable enough to support a base.

#5 Vintage door coffee table

unique home office glass table
CFM Patinaed Copper Door table by Phil Manker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If antique, distressed or reclaimed is your style, a table like this can be part of cool shabby chic or eclectic décor. This table was made from an old door cut into three parts and reassembled to be a base. Any architecturally interesting door could be used as a bottom to create a custom table like this.

#6 Unique home office desk

unique home office glass table
Gallotti&Radice_WGS_3 by albertopavanello is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you work at home but don’t have a dedicated room to serve as your office, a funky table installed in your living room or bedroom can offer workspace while serving as an attractive addition to your décor. An interesting base or unusual legs with a glass top is a perfect option.

#7 Funky tree trunk yard table

tree trunk yard table
0 2014-04-22 (6) hedge tree table by Lee Bonnifield is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Glass tops can be great for outdoor tables as well because you can hose them down when they get dirty, they won’t mold, or break-down like wood tops. This glass table top was placed on an old trunk, but you can also use creative bases like oversized planters, vintage cast iron supports, or anything else sturdy.

Want a custom glass topped table or need a glass top replacement?

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