Sliding Glass Door Ideas from Frosted Glass, Room Dividers, Seamless Outdoor Viewing and More!

If you want more light in your living space or office, glass sliding doors can be a design element to consider. Custom sliding glass doors can be used in many ways. Check out these super creative creative sliding glass door ideas.

Sliding Glass Barn Doors

One new trend in home design and décor are interior barn doors constructed of custom tempered glass. Barn doors slide in from the side and are hung by a support rod from above so they barely skim the floor. These can be a great way to separate a bedroom or bathroom while allowing in light and creating a sense of increased square footage.

sliding glass door ideas barn doors
Living Room by Jeremy Levine is licensed under CC by 2.0













Sliding Frosted Glass Doors

Glass doors are great for light and a sense of openness, but in some areas where privacy is a concern, frosted sliding glass may be more appropriate. This can be useful in bathrooms or where your sliding doors may expose you to foot traffic or exposed views from neighbors. Frosted glass can eliminate the need for window treatments which can be tricky with glass doors.

sliding glass door ideas frosted glass doors
Frosted Green by halfrain is licensed under CC by 2.0













Sliding Glass Room Dividers and Partitions

In both residential and commercial space, glass can divide rooms or create partitions. This can segment off areas of your home or business while leaving unobstructed views to create a sense of space. To add an element of privacy, you can top with blinds or dramatic drapes that can be drawn when light or the view needs blocked to offer the best of both worlds.

Sliding Glass door ideas Room Dividers and Partitions
Frosted Glass Walls by Jaysin Travino is licensed under CC by 2.0














Sliding Glass with Rice Paper Shades

If you’re a fan of Asian elements in décor, sliding glass doors and windows can be complemented with rice paper shades that can block light, enhance privacy, and offer a non-traditional window treatment option that takes you beyond drapery or blinds. This type of enhanced sliding glass door can dress up a residence, condo, or business design.

Sliding Glass door ideas Rice Paper Shades
Yukimi shoji by halfrain licensed under CC by 2.0













Sliding Glass Movable Walls

Movable walls can optimize space and make it configurable on demand, but most walls that can slide are less than attractive. Movable sliding glass doors and walls can be more stylish. Sliding glass walls around a conference space in an office or between work spaces can be a great way to make the most of space that’s only needed on certain occasions.

Sliding Glass door ideas Movable Walls
Movable Walls Benefits by Bfi Business Furniture Inc under CC by 2.0














Sliding Glass Exterior Doors for Outdoor Viewing 

Sliding glass doors can bring nature or the big city right to your bedroom, deck or kitchen. If you’re in the woods, sliding glass doors can make it feel like you’re right in nature. In the city, the skyline can be enjoyed from your bed with sliding glass doors that offer unobstructed views. Sliding glass doors let in light and a sense of the outdoors no matter where you live.

Sliding Glass door ideas Exterior Doors for Outdoor Viewing
Mountain Cabin by Jeremy Levine licensed under CC by 2.0














Sliding Glass Closet Doors

Closet doors that swing out can prove problematic for space while accordion-style closet doors can prevent access to full closet space. In contrast, sliding glass closet doors don’t take up floor space in the room, allow unfettered access, and can be designed with frosted glass to keep clutter out of sight or clear glass to show off rows off well-organized space.

Sliding Glass door ideas Closet Doors
“M120” wardrobe / l’armadio “M 120” . Bedroom and Living area by Mazzali licensed under CC by 2.0















Sliding glass doors can be used throughout your home or office

From movable room dividers to entry and exit doors, to closet and patio doors, sliding glass doors can be a durable design option that carries a clean line aesthetic that’s easy to maintain, is durable, and offers timeless style. If you’re interested in custom glass sliding doors for your home or office, contact Associated Glass today for a free estimate.

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