Here’s a look at five of the major advantages of seamless glass shower doors

Shower curtains were once the style then the trend became framed shower doors with metal frames and clear or frosted glass. The next evolution is seamless glass shower doors and enclosures and more consumers are choosing this stylish option.

#1 Shows off custom tile work and upgraded fixtures

seamless glass shower doorsIf you’ve invested, or are considering investing, in custom tilework or upgraded fixtures, you want to show them off. Metal surrounds on framed doors block the view of tile surrounds and fixtures. Choosing a seamless glass shower door and enclosure allows an unimpeded view of the shower area and your upgraded tile or fixtures which is a big plus to many homeowners.

#2 Allows light into the shower space

One of the big downsides to frosted glass shower doors and shower curtains is that it limits the light available when showering. Low light can make it difficult to shave, read labels on hair care products, see the water knobs, and low light is just not functional or visually appealing. On the flip side, a glass shower enclosure and doors let in tons of light so you can see what you’re doing.

#3 Creates a roomier look in your bathroom

seamless shower door bathroomHaving a framed shower door or shower curtain blocks off not only light, but makes a visible partition in your bathroom. And since bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, any divider can make the room seem even smaller. Seamless glass shower enclosures and doors make the shower area look like part of the room and can make the bathroom feel like a larger space.

#4 Easier to clean and maintain

Seamless glass doors are also a big plus when it comes to keeping your bathroom clean. Metal framed shower doors cause rust deposits and shower curtains leak. But because they seal up tight, seamless shower doors allow no water to gather under the door, prevents mold, mildew and leaks onto your bathroom floor surfaces. Plus, these doors are low maintenance if properly installed.

#5 Enhanced home value and appeal when selling

Seamless glass shower doors are not only more beautiful and functional while you’re using them but if you plan to sell your home at any point, they can enhance your resale value and the appeal of your home. Since most home buyers now take virtual tours online to eliminate properties they don’t want to see, photos of your stylish shower area can help you land more buyer viewings.

If you’re tired of a drippy shower curtains, scrubbing soap scum off your frosted glass door, or not having enough light when showering, seamless glass shower enclosures and seamless glass shower doors may be just what your bathroom needs.

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