ENERGY STAR® certified windows are rated for the rate of heat transfer, how well it blocks the sun, the amount of solar energy emitted, as well as how much air leakage and condensation that may build-up. Your investment can save you hundreds on utility bills. A thoughtfully chosen window can make a big difference to your home’s energy efficiency. Choosing whether open or closed – you also want the right look.

You don’t have to have the same type of window in every room but you do need to look at the exterior view to make sure the styles compliment and balance each other if you go with more than one style.

Here are the 5 best windows to save money, energy and make your home beautiful

best windows to save money double hung windows

Double Hung Windows

Easy to clean and lovely to look at, these windows are ideal for use in any style home. Choose from our different product lines to find a double-hung window that best meets your needs. They help save you money on your home energy costs! Double hung windows have 2 panels (or sashes). Both the upper and lower panel slide vertically within a common frame.

For instance, the bottom sash slides up to open while the top sash slides down to open. Unlike single hung windows, these do not have a fixed panel. They are a great choice when horizontal space is limited or when the look of multiple vertical windows is desired. They also offer additional ventilation as both glass panels open.

best windows casement windows

Casement Windows

Hinged on the side with opening options to the left or right, our casement windows allow for maximum airflow in and out of your home. Casements are typically the best choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms that want their view maximized. During the winter season, our casement windows are thermally sound; optimizing energy efficiency and saving money.

best windows awning windows

Awning Windows

They are hinged on the top or bottom to easily open and close with the turn of a handle. These unique windows bring plentiful light and ventilation into spaces that aren’t configured for single or double hung windows. Awning windows are usually found in rooms on the second and third story, like a bathroom.

best window transom windows

Transom Windows

Whether it’s the traditional fan-shape or angled, these windows are a work of visual art and light space as well as bringing the added ventilation and giving a home overall ambiance and added beauty. When there isn’t as much direct sunlight coming into your home, a transom window can offer a solid source of light after other windows stop being useful. By extending your windows up higher you can enjoy a brighter room longer into the day.

best windows sliding window

Slider Windows

Slider horizontal panes offer ease, effortlessly left-to-right glide, which opens the room up to fresh breezes. Single slider windows are commonly used in bedrooms and family room areas with one stationary panel (or sash) and one panel that glides to the right or left horizontally in grooves or tracks. UV-blocking low-E coatings, triple glazing, and stainless steel spacers provide state-of-the-art energy efficiency.

(NOTE: What kind of sash handles do they have?) The full- length pull-rail and twin tandem brass window rollers located near each corner of the sash allow it to glide effortlessly across the sill. They offer a contemporary unobstructed look and are easy to operate.

Save energy and increase comfort, with efficient windows

When it comes to insulated windows, 75% of the exposed surface of a window is glass. The internal side of the glass directly affects the room’s air temperature. The better insulated the window glass, the warmer your room will be.

The facts about ENERGY STAR® certified windows suggest that if the temperature of the glass is below 52°F, there is a direct thermal loss to the room. For comfort and efficiency, these windows work best when the relative humidity of the indoor air temperature of the home is both controlled and maintained properly.

Some double-pane and triple-pane windows are argon-gas filled. Argon is the gas most often used between panes in a double or triple-glazed window. It’s both colorless and odorless and is denser than the atmosphere, providing more thermal efficiency than having air between the panes.

Although windows provide both beauty and aesthetic, the natural light accounts for up to 50% of the heating and cooling energy consumed in a home.

Looking to save money and energy with new home windows?

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